Weekend Pictures

A rainy Sunday means we do indoor things — such as make a dress out of a scarf for Beckett. He loved it. But what he loved even more were the crackers on his chin. And yes, we watched way too much T.V.  It was awesome.


Then Ryan and Beckett ran up and down the hall like crazy butt-heads. Yes, I DID just say that.  But they’re my butt-heads, mmm-kay?

I put red Christmas lights around our Ikea lamp. Ain’t I crafty? It was my seriously lame attempt at being all design-y.


Ryan listened to Nazareth on the new turntable. How warm and 70s like.


And here’s a picture I took of Kiera a few weeks ago when she was being a butt-head. I know she looks cute, but don’t be fooled. See her red, glowing eyes?


Emptying My Phone

Cleaning out the pictures in my phone, I came across these gems from about a year ago.

Beckett’s baby toes


Beckett and Sunset


It’s always a nice surprise to find old pictures.  I guess I should empty out my phone more often.

And I’ll end with a picture of me.

Happy Friday!

Time for a beer.

Vanity in the rearview