Friday Ramblings

An inside day. Kiera’s in her room playing in her tent. She’s filled it up with books and toys and plans on sleeping there tonight. I love these kinds of days… despite the fact that I can barely stand up due to my ligament and leg pain. Thank you pregnancy.

On another note I’ve been on a mission to get rid of all Kiera’s Barbie and Disney books. While I don’t think that the classic Disney movies are bad, I’ve come to associate Disney with all things gross and brainless that are being marketed to children. Hannah Montana is obviously one of them, but Wizards of Waverly Place (a show about a ditzy girl who hates books and school but has magical powers) is just as bad if not worse. And add in the fact that the Disney channel has a dozen other mindless shows and a whole host of adolescent pop stars who’s only talent is having perfect hair.

And I don’t think I need to mention why I don’t like Barbie.


Dinner Conversation

Overhearing dinner conversation between a nine year old and five year old can be quite entertaining…

Kiera and Ryan discussing where bacon comes from.

A conversation about eating flowers.

Then Ryan lectured Kiera about the fact that she doesn’t need to say excuse me every time she does a silent fart.

Sprinklers And Other Things

My little artist seems to have found a sport he enjoys.
We’ll see how long that lasts. A few days ago he was into soccer, and he’s already given that up. Will he let me sign him up for basketball?
Stay tuned to find out.

Yesterday was the first day this summer (even though it’s technically not summer yet) that we got the sprinkler out for the kids. It was baking hot and there was a heaviness in the air… that damn humidity. And it’s only gonna get worse. I’m not looking forward to being hugely pregnant during a hot, muggy DC summer. So anyway… the kids had fun despite the fact that they would stand there frozen in the sprinkler, shoulders hunched and eyes squinting in the shower of cold water. Next on the list of things to do: get a pool. For me.

Sensational Sonograms!

Beckett Arturo Essen-Yermoli
16 weeks 4 days

A 3-D Beckett

I can already tell he’s a thinker.

This is where the tech said that she thought that we’re having a boy.
Can you find the evidence?
She said that sometimes the “penis” disappears and turns into a vagina — therefore a girl. But this is pretty obvious because the scrotum is quite visible. However, if for some odd reason the penis disappears then Beckett Arturo will be named Penelope Isabel. We’ll find out at the next sonogram.

13 weeks 3 days

12 weeks 6 days
Our little genius is already waving

11 weeks

7 weeks 5 days
What the hell IS that?

Today Kiera…

… made glasses out of pipe cleaners all by herself. Isn’t she crafty?
She also ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich all by herself downstairs while watching T.V. (I was cleaning, okay?) And in the midst of my cleaning I heard my daughter’s high pitched voice yell,
“I had some peanut buttuh in my thwoat and i choked and fell down and almost died!”
I love that kid.